S12 E3: Kemal & Noor on Adopting Bitcoin Conference (El Salvador)

The biggest and most important Bitcoin conference of 2022 doesn’t take place in Miami, Los Angeles, or Amsterdam. Thanks to the efforts of a handful of mission-driven volunteers, it’s the capital city of El Salvador which takes the spotlight. A year after the Central-American nation announced that it would adopt bitcoin as legal tender, sound money enthusiasts from all around the world will gather in San Salvador between November 15th and 17th.

In the true spirit of Bitcoin, this event doesn’t seek to flatter politicians or praise institutions. As the name of the event implies, this is a celebration of bitcoin adoption. For 3 days, sovereign individuals from all walks of life will exchange ideas inside a venue that accommodates both locals and travellers. The gathering is equally technological and ideological – as magic internet money requires both in order to provide protections against the fiat money printer.

Kemal and Noor are the two most involved organizers of Adopting Bitcoin. They are enthusiastic, energetic, and zealous about the event’s mission. They understand that the people from El Salvador deserve the best kind of education to use Bitcoin in a sovereign way. And in order to deliver the expected result, they made sure that some of the most brilliant minds in the space get invited.

Admittedly, Adopting Bitcoin in El Salvador was meant to be a one-off event. Only a few months after the country declared BTC as legal tender, a group of enthusiasts and believers gathered around to share their knowledge. They passed on elements of the Bitcoin ideology and also presented the technology that empowers individuals to protect themselves against central banking. But this kind of education requires more effort and sometimes repetition is healthy – if not for the information itself, at least to prove that the community is committed to the project even during bear markets when the price drops 70% from the all-time high.

Consequently, the attendance at the 2022 edition of Adopting Bitcoin is expected to be higher than last year’s. Because bitcoiners aren’t here to get rich, but to enjoy freedom and sovereignty. And if the community doesn’t get together to support the initiative of a nation that wants to use BTC as money, then who will?

In this interview, Kemal and Noor answer to all the logistical questions about the Adopting Bitcoin conference. From getting a Uber from the airport to buying meals at the conference venue, it’s all covered in a way that prepares you and gets you hyped for the event.

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Time stamps:

00:50 – Intro about this year’s Adopting Bitcoin

08:02 – 121 speakers?

11:03 – The ticket price

22:10 – Could the political opposition stage protests against the Bitcoin conference?

25:54 – Collaborating with the El Salvador government to provide security?

26:37 – Security at the venue?

27:48 – The current government has made El Salvador more secure for everyone

34:10 – Is Uber available in El Salvador? Do they take BTC?

36:30 – Is El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption a failed experiment?

48:10 – El Salvador is not Canada

51:02 – Are the ATMs in El Salvador KYC?

56:44 – Will there be free papousas at the conference?

56:26 – The food court with no free lunch 

01:00:27 – Toilets?

01:01:00 – There will be no breaks in between conference panels/presentations

01:02:30 – Why is Noor the best conference organizer?

01:04:25 – Momentum for developing countries to adopt BTC?

01:08:29 – Young leaders in developing countries are great for adoption

01:09:57 – What has been the biggest barrier to adoption among the local population?

01:16:20 – What do Kemal and Noor do in the Bitcoin space?

01:17:37 – The Spanish edition of the BTCTKVR magazine

01:25:56 – Why come to El Salvador to attend this year’s Adopting Bitcoin conference?

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