S13 E1: Eric Sirion & Obi Nwosu on Fedimint & Fedi

Eric Sirion and Obi Nwosu are responsible for bringing to life and popularizing the idea of increasing Bitcoin adoption through federated Chaumian mints. These community banks are called Fedimints and serve the purpose of onboarding people to Bitcoin in a simple, user-friendly, and privacy-centric manner. Thanks to these Fedimints, families, local communities, clubs, groups of friends, and other forms of human association can leverage their trust in each other in order to create their own Bitcoin-powered banks.

The Fedimint design is simple and elegant: creators of the mint can set up a multi-party and geographically-distributed multisig which protects the funds, then onboard their friends and family to Bitcoin with nothing but a mobile application. New and lesser technical members of this Chaumian mint benefit from instant, scalable, and private BTC transactions – as well as bridges to the Lightning network for payments outside of the mint. Their login can be something as basic as a face scan, a fingerprint, or a password. And as members of this mint, they can’t see how much money is being sent and to whom – the only available statistic concerns the total amount of bitcoin available in the mint.

This Fedimint design targets people who otherwise keep their coins on exchanges, are afraid to embrace self-custody, and need a way to make payments which make them part of the global economy. Unfortunately, the tradeoff is the trust requirement: the Fedimint creators can coordinate to liquidate the mint (which comes at a reputational cost within the community, but is still an attack vector) and governments can stop poorly distributed mints by confiscating the hardware so nobody can make payments anymore.

Eric Sirion is the creator of the Fedimint open source project, while Obi Nwosu is the biggest advocate and investor. The two of them, alongside Bitcoin educator Justin Moon, created a company which pays for the development of mobile applications and other types of infrastructure which enable easy BTC adoption via Fedimint.

It was a pleasure to have Eric Sirion and Obi Nwosu on the Bitcoin Takeover podcast, as I’ve had the opportunity to learn more and understand the use cases of their Chaumian mint model. Our interview was recorded at Paralelni Polis during the 2022 edition of the Hackers Congress – and I must thank Mario Havel, Katka, Tereza, and Sodomak for letting me use their recording studio. If you walk by Paralelni Polis in Prague, make sure you stop to grab a limited edition copy of the BTCTKVR magazine (which they also sell in their online store).

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