S13 E6: Tomek Kolodziejczuk & Pierre Corbin on Bitcoin FilmFest (Warsaw, 24-26 March 2023)

Tomek Kolodziejczuk and Pierre Corbin are the masterminds behind Bitcoin FilmFest: a movie festival which takes place in Warsaw between March 24th and 26th, whose goal is to screen the finest pieces in Bitcoin cinema and gather visionary directors who tell stories about their experience. The event is a natural consequence of a growing number of documentaries, animation series, and artistic films that explore the topic of Bitcoin, its worldwide adoption, and how decentralized internet money can change our lives.

This year’s Bitcoin FilmFest is the first such large-scale event to take place in Europe. Its agenda is spread across three days and consists of workshops, exclusive film screenings, runs of popular documentaries, and trailers for upcoming productions.

Day one begins with six hours of open workshops where participants can learn how to do cool Bitcoin stuff. Afterwards, the attendees are invited to watch “Human B” (directed by Aaron Mucke and Eva Mühlenbäumer), “How Irish Farmers Turn Cow Dung Into Digital Gold” (a premiere at the festival), and “The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin” (written and directed by festival co-creator Pierre Corbin).

The second day marks a crossover between the festival and the Weekend of Capitalism. Essentially, Tomek and Pierre wanted to bitcoinize a libertarian event by bringing community members who can effectively shift the tone of the gathering. Which is a pretty wise strategy, given that everything takes place in the same building. Naturally, at the end of the day there’s a party.

On the third and last day of the Bitcoin FilmFest, there are three more movie screenings in the afternoon: “Bond to Unbind” (directed by Tomer Kantor), “This Machine Greens” (directed by Jamie King), and Le Mystere Satoshi (directed by Rémi Forte).

There’s also a lot to be said about the location where the Bitcoin FilmFest takes place – Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science, a monumental building that the communists erected to signal their years of occupation. The fact that a Bitcoin event and a libertarian gathering take over a symbol of central planning and authoritarian control is a powerful statement for freedom.

If you’re interested to purchase tickets for Bitcoin FilmFest, then prices go from 0.00055 BTC (for only one of the two days when films are being screened) to 0.002 BTC (for access to all film screenings and events). However, if you’re in for a VIP experience with access to special areas and meetings, then you’ll have to pay 0.01 BTC.

Throughout our podcast recording, Tomek Kolodziejczuk and Pierre Corbin spoke about every small detail which concerns their ambitious event. And since it appears that this film festival is only the beginning of something bigger, they also revealed details about how one can submit their video creation for screening.

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