S13 E7: Nick Hansen on Luxor, Mining & Ordinals

As of March 2023, Luxor is the 6th largest Bitcoin mining pool – and CEO Nick Hansen appears to be helplessly optimistic about the future of the mining industry in the USA. However, as you’re about to learn from Nick Hansen himself, Luxor is first and foremost a software company that works towards optimizing ASICs to achieve better hashing results with the same energy consumption.

In this episode, we talk about the status quo of Bitcoin mining, to which extent it might be bad for the environment, and whether or not a return to home operations is still possible. Furthermore, Nick Hansen also explains why 2022 happened to be the worst year for Bitcoin miners.

Naturally, since the Luxor CEO had recently acquired OrdinalsHub, we also spoke about inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain and what kind of impact they might have in terms of scaling and adoption. This was, in fact, the elephant in the room: Luxor made history on February 1st 2023 at block height 774628, when the pool mined the largest block in the history of Bitcoin. Up to that point, the 4MB limit with SegWit was purely theoretical. But Nick Hansen’s early involvement in ordinal inscriptions, coupled with his willingness to allow private payments for transaction inclusion to take place, generated a moment when many bitcoiners panicked or at least began to worry about a potential attack on the network.

Ordinal inscriptions are responsible for making the Bitcoin fee market more competitive, as financial transactions need to do higher biddings for block space in order to become prioritized (while arbitrary data insertions via Taproot are the ones which register with low transaction fees). They certainly disrupt a model which used to be predictive and increase the miners’ revenue – something from which Luxor certainly benefits. Nonetheless, it’s necessary for a healthy and competitive fee market to develop in order to keep the miners running while the rewards get halved every 210.000 blocks.

If you’d like to learn more about inscriptions, then my previous interview with Casey Rodarmor will certainly come in handy.

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