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S3 E11: JScrilla on “Sound Money”, His New Bitcoin Hip Hop Album

JScrilla’s “Sound Money” album presents various Bitcoin narratives in relation to the fragile financial context of our times. With it, the artist delivers a message of uncertainty and hope.

On April 14th 2020, DJ and music producer JScrilla is launching “Sound Money” – a hip hop album which tells the story of Bitcoin through different juxtaposed voices and moody musical samples.

The 10-track ensemble can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp for $10 and also comes with a token collectible that’s issued on the Bitcoin blockchain via Counterparty.

JScrilla’s “Sound Money” presents various Bitcoin narratives in relation to the fragile financial context of our times, and delivers a message of uncertainty and hope. With tracks like “21 million” and “STSHNKMT”, the first half of the album reflects on the genesis and early years of Bitcoin. However, the situation gets more dramatic at track no. 7, “Faith In My Money (Money Printer Go Brrr)” – a song that already got published on YouTube as a single release.

Why JScrilla’s “Sound Money” album matters

This extension of season 3 of the Bitcoin Takeover podcast presents a consummate artist who makes use of voice and music samples to paint a picture of contemporary disillusionment and despair. As fiat money gets inflated and loses its value, an unlikely candidate with humble beginnings like Bitcoin becomes a more rational alternative to hedge against the system.

The feeling of uncertainty echoes throughout the album and reaches an unexpected climax that should make listeners reflect on the reasons why they decided to join Bitcoin in the first place.

If anything, JScrilla’s “Sound Money” is a reminder of Bitcoin’s pure intentions. The album as a whole serves as a reaffirmation of principles which paints the otherwise criminal actions of central banks in a sparkling color of crimson red.

From start to finish, “Sound Money” is a vocal projection of middle and working class people who invest years of their lives and intensive labor in a broken system which only devalues their efforts and punishes them for having trust in the money they earn.

The album is not, by any means, a foolishly positive take on Bitcoin. It’s a rational angle which condemns the abuses of central banking and portrays Satoshi Nakamoto’s currency as a rational alternative.

Listen to JScrilla talk about “Sound Money” on iTunes and Spotify!

In this exclusive interview, JScrilla talks about the process that led to the creation of “Sound Money”, the various ideas that inspired him, and his love for Bitcoin and hip hop music.

He also makes it clear from the beginning that he is not a rapper, but a producer and DJ who works with various artists to create unique art pieces. And as he explains his creative process, you are bound to discover out an artistic perspective on Bitcoin and various opinions on other hip hop works.

Pre-order “Sound Money” from Band Camp and get the limited-edition Counterparty token bonus.

After April 14th, the album will also get published on iTunes, Spotify, and all major streaming platforms.

No iTunes or Spotify account? Use this player.

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