S3 E3: Dan Hannum, from Wall Street to Bitcoin

Dan Hannum is one of these people who could have easily lived a prosperous life working for traditional financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. However, one can’t possibly discover Bitcoin without having a few ideas and perceptions changed. Accordingly, Dan has decided to leave his past behind and bring his skillset into the new world which Satoshi Nakamoto created.

Throughout this nearly two-hour interview, Dan Hannum talks about his immersion in Bitcoin, his work in capital management, and the people and events who influenced him the most. You will catch moments when the story seems familiar, as well as fleeting glimpses of diversions regarding influential figures from the space. Yet most importantly, this is a conversation about the future of finance and how the legacy apparatus adapts in order to embrace the significant financial changes.

In some ways, the story of Dan Hannum is not unique. However, it’s very likely that similar narratives will be brought into the mainstream thanks to the growth and expansion of Bitcoin. And when that happens, you will have heard some of its most important elements here first.

The episode is available on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify.

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