S3 E8: American HODL on 6.15 BTC and Eternal Riches

American HODL is one of the most remarkable and prominent sat stackers in the Bitcoin space. As a successful professional who makes enough USD to afford investments, he often maxes out his CashApp BTC purchase limit. On average, he buys about 1 million satoshis per day and then brags about increasing the scarcity by HODLing.

In this episode, he talks about first getting into Bitcoin, the true meaning behind the 6.15 BTC, and why one should seek to accumulate as many satoshis as possible. The recording must be the most adult-oriented of all Bitcoin Takeover episodes, so make sure that no kids are in the room while American HODL talks about eternal riches and big titty bitches.

The American HODLer (no pun intended) also does a lengthy Q&A with Twitter inquiries and spontaneously decides to stack 3 million satoshis just for fun.

The interview is now available on YouTube. It’s accompanied by “Screaming Mimi”, a marvelous tease for the BTBs that come into your life once you accumulate 6.15 BTC.

The episode is also available on Spotify and iTunes.

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Written by Vlad Costea
I'm here for the freedom, censorship-resistance, and unconfiscatability. What about you?