S6 E2: Crypto Coder Bob on Sovereignty and Bingo Cards

Crypto Coder Bob (also known as 8333tcoin on Twitter) has been involved in the Bitcoin space since early 2017. Though he’s heard about Bitcoin in the early years, he didn’t really understand it until he became a part of a reading club whose emphasis was on research paper.

Admittedly, after reading the first couple of pages, Crypto Coder Bob was hooked and instantly understood the value proposition of Satoshi Nakamoto’s electronic currency.

In this episode, the American bitcoiner presents his own perspective on the importance of sovereignty and how running a full node requires some degree of technological savviness. Much like Bob the Builder (whose avatar he proudly sports on Twitter), he is very capable on building his own tools and setting up his own security systems that cover his threat model.

Yet at the same time, Mr. Bob is very much aware that education and accessible user interfaces are needed to help Bitcoin sovereignty expand beyond the hands of the technically-inclined individuals.

Another interesting discussion that you can hear concerns the places from where you can buy BTC and whether or not the Bisq Network is accessible or liquid enough to support the onboarding of new bitcoiners who ideologically avoid Coinbase or other centralized exchanges.

Last but not least, we talk about Crypto Coder Bob’s most popular social media activity: setting up Bingo boards for new popular traders, as a way of anticipating their journey down the rabbit hole. Most famously, he designed a board for Dave Portnoy and added some easily predictable manoeuvres and decisions.

You better listen closely, as this is the first time you hear from Bob in a podcast. And if he gets famous, you can always come back to this interview and see where it all started.

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