S6 E7: Jarret Dyrbye (JD2983) on Lightning Development, SparkShot.io & Socket.Money

Jarret Dyrbye is a Lightning Network developer who currently works on SparkShot.io (a digital art marketplace which adds microtransactions to the experience of viewing pixelated paintings) and Socket.Money (a payments protocol which is complementary to SparkShot).

Dyrbye (known on Twitter as JD2983) first rose to prominence in the Bitcoin space after building ForkDrop.io, a platform which allowed bitcoiners to dump all the forks at the most convenient rates. In August 2018, he also appeared on Bitcoin Uncensored – and during this conversation with Chris DeRose, he expressed his views on the worthlessness of slightly modified carbon copies of Bitcoin which purposely fall out of consensus with the rest of the main network.

Jarret Dyrbye and I also talk about the current state of Lightning Network development, why the second layer hasn’t really lived up to the early expectations in terms of user adoption, and what’s going to become a major factor that will onboard more people.

Another major point of our 98-minute conversation is the Bitcoin cult and why it may present a distorted and lesser practical view on what Bitcoin actually is. While some people find legitimation for their enrichment, others actually need uncensorable and unconfiscatable money to conduct their daily affairs.

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01:46 – Is Lightning Network still bourgeoning?

3:57 – What is SparkShot.io?

08:44 – SparkShot paintings: Dog & Wolf, The Face of Hal Finney

10:45 – The privacy of SparkShot

12:51 – Sparkshot looks a lot like Tumblr and Pinterest

14:27 – Why should Bitcoin artists get on Sparkshot?

18:18 – Moneyshot!

20:15 – How Sparkshot changes the way we experience art

22:03 – What is MoneySocket?

26:27 – Why should software developers get into Lightning?

34:11 – Looking like weirdo cult members to outsiders

37:35 – ForkDrop.io

41:45 – Moneysocket pitch

47:13 – Bitcoin use cases

1:01:53 – Exchanges freezing funds

1:11:22 – Sparkshot & Moneysocket during a bull market?

1:12:33 – LNURL

1:35:45 – How to contact Jarret Dyrbye (JD)

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