S7 E1: Stephen Chow on Art, Patronage & Video Games

Stephen Chow’s loves supporting living artists and collecting the masterpieces they make. He spends thousands of hours scrolling through Instagram, looking for unique artists who produce remarkable works, and then invests most of his heard-earned bitcoins to help them take their craft to the next level.

Most bitcoiners know Stephen Chow for his contributions to the transcription of podcasts and conferences – and he is responsible for transcribing some of the most successful Bitcoin Takeover episodes, including the ones with Slush, Jonas Schnelli and Douglas Bakkum, BTChip (Nicolas Bacca), and Peter Todd. But very few people know that Chow also starred in the documentary “The Art of Funding Art” and is very fond of video games.

At the peak of our conversation, we debate whether or not Saifedean is right when he calls out modern art for its degeneracy. As expected, Stephen Chow defends living artists and the product of their labor. In this discussion of ours, we also mention what kind of music brings us joy, and try to define the length of excitement in relation to art.

Which video games does Stephen Chow like? Diablo II, Civilisation, Sim City, and simulators that give him a greater sense of interactivity and control. Admittedly, Chow is not a very big fan of cinema – so when he deals with video games, he enjoys the interactivity much more than graphics.

I really hope that you will enjoy this season 7 premiere. As described in the teaser announcement, it aims to rehumanize bitcoiners and prove that there is so much more to their lives than praising sound money on Twitter. This is also a hint to how bitcoiners will impact the world around them in the post-hyperbitcoinization era.

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