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S7 Special: Giacomo Zucco & Mir on Politics, Music & Films

Originally, this episode was supposed to be about physics. But in the middle of a poorly-handled pandemic which prioritizes security theatre over individual rationality and personal risk-reward decision-making, we couldn’t help but talk about lockdowns and the political regimes that are best for freedom.

At the peak of the political argument, Giacomo Zucco and I agree that regionalization, federalization, and the empowerment of local communities is a good idea. At the same time, we disagree about the definition of the word “democracy”: in my definition, it’s what Giacomo calls a “constitutional republic”; in Giacomo’s definition, it’s what I call a “tyranny of the majority”.

This episode marks Giacomo Zucco’s first participation in Bitcoin Takeover in almost two years. Since then, he has admittedly toned down his social media presence and spent more time and resources on taking care of his family. We are joined by his vivacious wife Mir, who sometimes debates Giacomo in ways that make my moderating presence almost useless.

It’s a real delight to listen to this Bitcoin power couple explore the intricacies of arguments and make use of their understanding of science to introduce the prevailing argument. At the same time, it’s lovely to realize how they complete each other and have rather light-hearted arguments which distinguish the intellectual conflict from the emotional closeness.

If anything, this interview has #relationshipgoals written all over it. Giacomo and Mir get along really well even when they disagree, and they support each other in admirable ways.

And yes, we also talk about music and films. As a former vocal performer and singing coach, Mir is very keen on exploring her musical abilities and helping other develop their full potential. As a matter of fact, she even coached Giacomo a few times to allow him to harmonize in perfect pitch. And when it comes to their baby, it seems like the inclination towards music is natural.

In terms of films, Giacomo and Mir show a bias towards 1980s and early 1990s flicks. No agenda, just a good story with memorable characters who fulfil the role that’s described in the script without pushing some sort of ideology. Admittedly, Giacomo is very angry at the writing and direction of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”.

If you were to have a practical takeaway from this recording, then please pay close attention to the nuances involved in Mir’s social media presence: she displays the truth that others are interested to see, but nothing personal enough to threaten the well-being of herself and her family. Giacomo Zucco is far less diplomatic and hints to a thunderous Facebook presence when debating in Italian. As a matter of fact, he proclaims Twitter as the neutral and nice side of his public image.

Throughout this two-hour discussion, you get to hear the best and the worst of Giacomo Zucco and his wife Mir. Not only that they make a full display of their virtues and knowledge, but also expose some of their flaws – but in a scenario which makes the trade-off between control and personal security worthwhile.

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