S8 E9: Ben Arc on Bowser Wallet, LNBits, and Open Source Development

Ben Arc is the creator of the Bowser hardware wallet, the mastermind behind Lightning service LNBits and decentralized social media project Nostr, and an overall open source wizard who contributes to dozens of projects. But if you ask him what he does, he will humbly say that he’s an open source hobbyist.

I’ve decided to get him on the show after he took his Bowser hardware wallet out of beta, as I thought that the project was unique and interesting. Bowser is basically an open source hardware wallet which also works as a portable video game console to provide an extra layer of OPSEC and plausible deniability. It’s also something that you must build yourself from general-purpose parts (an M5 stack and a couple of hours are enough to get you set up).

However, building your own hardware wallet isn’t for everyone and there are certainly risks involved. Also, if you’re very concerned about security and using the most tested code, you should probably build a Trezor instead. Yet there’s something special about the Bowser wallet and it has some unique use cases – when fleeing authoritarian countries that ban bitcoin, you certainly don’t want to use a well-known and easily recognizable hardware wallet.

Also, in its current form, the Bowser hardware wallet uses Morse code to type the PIN. And it’s very likely that no policeman or border agent will figure out how it works, even if he discovers the secondary functions of the otherwise strange Tetris game which uses a Super Mario Bros background. Take a look at the code on GitHub and judge for yourselves whether or not this is something that you might find useful.

Throughout this lengthy interview, Ben and I also talk about LNBits and how it can revolutionize everything from bar tipping to video game streaming. And inevitably, we extent the conversation towards the realm of open source software. You’re definitely going to have a blast listening to Ben Arc, as he is a brilliant guy who always comes up with great ideas and spends a whole lot of time conceptualizing the open source applications that will change the future of payments.

The episode was first aired on Bitcoin Takeover Radio as a hidden track. You can also listen to it on YouTube and Twitch.

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