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The Bitcoin Takeover website mostly exists for educational purposes, but also aims to help fellow bitcoiners who work hard to produce content, services, or software. We gotta keep cypherpunks active to write code and support independent thinkers with a stimulus.

Therefore, this curated list presents some of the causes that deserve financial support. If you’re in a position to help, then any amount can help keep them going.

BTCPay Server Development

On August 18th 2017, a disillusioned Nicolas Dorier has written this reply a BitPay tweet: “This is lies, my trust in you is broken, I will make you obsolete”. About a year later, Dorier has brought to the world BTCPay Server: a completely open-source and client-empowering Bitcoin payments processor.

BTCPay is revolutionary because it eliminates the need for a central trusted party that’s heavily regulated. Anyone can set up their own payments processor for Bitcoin and Lightning, and the software is so light that it can run on an affordable Raspberry Pi.

BTCPay is to payment processors what Bitcoin is to bank accounts: a decentralized revolution which makes the older service seem obsolete.

However, BTCPay is developed by a global community of enthusiasts who never received central funding. Therefore, the project is in constant need for donations in order to receive fixes and improvements.

The donation page allows you to send BTC to both the BTCPay Foundation and individual developers. If you like their work and want to keep them going, you gotta support them.

DJ Booth’s Bitcoinal and Tallycoin

DJ Booth is one of the most underrated Bitcoin software developers. He is responsible for developing a Bitcoin-centric Patreon alternative named Tallycoin, as well as a stylish BTC price tool named Bitcoinal.

Basically, DJ Booth follows the “if you don’t like it, build your own” philosophy by creating software that is beneficial for himself and anyone else interested. He built alternatives for Patreon (which is known to censor and deplatform users) and CoinMarketCap (which was bought by Binance and had a previously bad record of manipulating price and methodology anyway).

DJ Booth has also developed a tool which triggers Twitter notifications for a post in a specified amount of time (@remindmetweets) and a software which blocks your Twitter impersonators to prevent them from commenting on your posts.

If you enjoy the work of DJ Booth and find it useful, you can send him bitcoin donations on his own Tallycoin page.

Satoshi en Venezuela

Satoshi en Venezuela is a Bitcoin-only educational initiative which organizes meetups and seminars in Caracas and nearby cities. It is hosted by CoinTelegraph journalist Javier Bastardo and tries to promote Bitcoin to the people who need it the most.

In a country that’s been impoverished by hyperinflation, the wild and volatile bitcoins are still a better store of value and mean of exchange. So the educational efforts might just end up making a difference which serves the initial “separate money and state” purpose of BTC (as opposed to price speculation and trading, which are more popular in developed nations).

You can donate to them satoshis via Lightning Network on their Tippin.me page, and also follow their project on Twitter and Instagram @satoshienvzla. Their website also presents many of their events and initiatives.

Simone Butera

Simone Butera is a Bitcoin philosopher who enjoys tweeting about his thoughts on what he thinks Bitcoin is and should be. He often writes entire threads about the limits of knowledge and understanding, introduces original concepts and mental frameworks, and engages in public discussions with his followers and some of his favorite thinkers.

Simone accepts Lightning donations via Tippin.me. For more information, check out his Twitter page.

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