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Bitcoin Takeover

Get 10 Bits from Vaultoro!

So you’ve been listening to the Bitcoin Takeover Radio stream and decided to earn some bits (or sats) on the Lightning Network. Well, you’ve come to the right place! There’s a catch though: only the first person to scan the code below can win the prize.

To claim your 10 bits (1000 sats), scan the QR code below. Use a wallet like Blue (iOS) or Breez (Android) and you’re good to go. Read this article to better understand how Lightning works.

The funds only become available for withdrawal at the end of a podcast episode from the radio stream. If you weren’t the first to claim the coins, wait until another episode is over and come back. Be the first to scan this QR code and win.

And if you do win, post a screenshot of your stash on Twitter and tag @BTCTKVR.

Withdrawal link (for those running nodes and not being able to scan):

This prize is brought to you by Vaultoro: the exchange where you can trade between bitcoin, gold, and silver. If you want to preserve the value of your money and not become subjected to arbitrary fiat inflation, it’s always a good idea to use hard and honest money.

And when you’re certain that BTC has reached its top during this cycle, it might be a good idea to trade your coins for gold bars, as the precious metal is a better store of value than dollars and euros.

Sign up to Vaultoro using this referral link to help the show get sponsored and organize more of these contests in the future.

Not financial advice. You’re personally responsible for all the trading decisions you are making and Bitcoin Takeover is not responsible, regardless of circumstances, for the ways in which you exercise your financial sovereignty.

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Only trade with hard money!

Vaultoro enables traders to get paid negative trading fees. This is one of the best crypto exchanges in 2020, enabling anyone to trade crypto to crypto and crypto to gold and silver bullion. And market makers receive a negative trading fee.

Bitcoin Exchange rates

1 BTC = 42902.8400 USD
1 BTC = 42871.7600 USDT
1 BTC = 36647.3500 EUR
1 BTC = 31444.1600 GBP
1 BTC = 58974.4400 AUD
1 BTC = 54173.6600 CAD
1 BTC = 4748671.4900 JPY
1 BTC = 283900.1600 CNY
1 BTC = 164923.8300 RON

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