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Video: Unboxing Citadel21 Vol. 1

My copy of Citadel21 has finally arrived. Only 1000 were ever printed, so I’m really happy to own one of these unique Bitcoin community magazines.

One of the very few regrets that I have is that I didn’t have the time and motivation to contribute to Citadel21’s first 5 issues. Had I known that they would get published in paper format and everyone on Bitcoin Twitter would hurry up to buy them, I would have put together a bunch of articles. It took me a while to wake up and volunteer to send an article – and you can read it in Volume 6 (which will hopefully get printed in a few months).

Having missed out on the opportunity to write for the first ever Citadel21 issue, I could at least buy it. But even at this point I was a bit undecided, so Bas Peters has offered to buy it for me as a gift if I offered to review the content. I guess I’m truly incorrigible. Anyway, thank you Bas and I hope that you’re happy with my coverage.

Inside the envelope with Finland printing press stamps I’ve found a compact-sized magazine with nice modernist graphics that are printed on a thin but glossy paper. Volume 1 of Citadel21 feels nice, smells nice, and reads even better.

The articles have been available on the C21 website for a few months and I did read them when they were first released. I intended to write a review, but got sidetracked with other chores and assignments. At least now I get to do a brief unboxing and commentary video which explains that this is a truly unique and rare collective item for bitcoiners.

Only 1000 copies of Citadel21 Volume 1 have been printed, and the supply has been increased from 100 due to popular demand. Now you can no longer purchase this zine from the official website – which means that collectors will have to negotiate with one of the 1000 buyers and make a convenient deal. Is Citadel21 a good store of value for which demand increases over time? We shall see.

For now I have enough reading material to feel entertained during idle times or before I go to sleep. And unlike the 21ism comic book (which also cost $21 in BTC), there is a lot more content to digest.

I’ve also ordered the second issue of this community zine, and I hope that the habit of printing magazines continues. It’s definitely endearing to see the community come together and contribute to a project that helps members share thoughts and ideas.

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