Video: Unboxing Citadel21 Vol. 1

One of the very few regrets that I have is that I didn’t have the time and motivation to contribute to Citadel21’s first 5 issues. Had I known that they would get published in paper format and everyone on Bitcoin Twitter would hurry up to buy them, I would have put together a bunch of articles. It took me a while to wake up and volunteer to send an article – and you can read it in Volume 6 (which will hopefully get printed in a few months).

Having missed out on the opportunity to write for the first ever Citadel21 issue, I could at least buy it. But even at this point I was a bit undecided, so Bas Peters has offered to buy it for me as a gift if I offered to review the content. I guess I’m truly incorrigible. Anyway, thank you Bas and I hope that you’re happy with my coverage.

Inside the envelope with Finland printing press stamps I’ve found a compact-sized magazine with nice modernist graphics that are printed on a thin but glossy paper. Volume 1 of Citadel21 feels nice, smells nice, and reads even better.

The articles have been available on the C21 website for a few months and I did read them when they were first released. I intended to write a review, but got sidetracked with other chores and assignments. At least now I get to do a brief unboxing and commentary video which explains that this is a truly unique and rare collective item for bitcoiners.

Only 1000 copies of Citadel21 Volume 1 have been printed, and the supply has been increased from 100 due to popular demand. Now you can no longer purchase this zine from the official website – which means that collectors will have to negotiate with one of the 1000 buyers and make a convenient deal. Is Citadel21 a good store of value for which demand increases over time? We shall see.

For now I have enough reading material to feel entertained during idle times or before I go to sleep. And unlike the 21ism comic book (which also cost $21 in BTC), there is a lot more content to digest.

I’ve also ordered the second issue of this community zine, and I hope that the habit of printing magazines continues. It’s definitely endearing to see the community come together and contribute to a project that helps members share thoughts and ideas.

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