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Bitcoin Takeover

Season 3

S3 E5: Truth Raider on Paul Le Roux and Bitcoin in Turkey

American bitcoiner Truth Raider talks about his libertarian mindset, why he got into Bitcoin, how left-wingers can also be incorporated within the BTC community, and what he thinks about world politics in relation to uncensorable and unconfiscatable money.

One of the most interesting parts is about his theory that Paul Le Roux might be the person behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym, and he explains why his theory might be true.

Last but not least, Truth Raider presents his views on the state of Bitcoin adoption in Turkey and other European countries. Follow him on Twitter here.

The episode is available on YouTubeSpotify, and iTunes.

50% of your donations go to Truth Raider, 25% go to Ross Ulbricht’s legal fund, and 25% will help improve the podcast.

Donate to The Bitcoin Takeover

Starting this season, 25% of all donations will go to the Free Ross campaign, to help Ross Ulbricht get a second chance. The draconian sentence that he received should concern every bitcoiner around the world, as the government which poses as a champion of liberty gives a double life sentence for indirect and non-violent crimes involving Bitcoin. 

It’s a slippery slope that should concern us all, regardless of the jurisdiction under which we find ourselves. The case of Ross Ulbricht has set a dangerous precedent all around the world, as lesser democratic countries can simply prosecute bitcoiners under similar charges and with outcomes that are just as harsh. If Ross was to receive clemency or at least a second trial with another judge by taking into account the new evidence, the decision would get noticed by judges and politicians worldwide. Whether we like it or not, the USA is an example for the rest of the world and we can actually try to make a difference in a positive sense.

As usual, 50% of BTC earnings will be sent to the guest. In this situation, Truth Raider will be rewarded for his time, effort, and knowledge.

You can donate on the main chain at the address below, via Lightning on, and you can send $1 of your dirty and criminal fiat on Patreon.

Vlad Costea
Written By

I'm here for the freedom, censorship-resistance, and unconfiscatability. What about you?

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