The 5 Rules of The Bitcoin Takeover Podcast

  1. Thoughtful ideas are more important than fame, influence, notoriety, and social media followers – it really doesn’t matter who you are, you’re welcome to join the show as long as you have interesting and thought-provoking opinions.
  2. Topics should be as timeless as possible – the actors might change over time, but the political and economic challenges that Bitcoin faces and poses in relation to governments of the world remain the same.
  3. Time is Bitcoin – this is why every individual guest will have a tipping jar and 50% of the donated BTC rewards their time and knowledge.
  4. Quality is more important than quantity – that’s why the show is structured in seasons which consist of 10 curated episodes. In the spirit of Rule no.1, a season’s episodes may get released at the same time. Sometimes exclusive bonuses will get added to enrich the experience.
  5. The Bitcoin Takeover Podcast is both informative and artistic – whenever possible, the audio and/or video presentation will reflect it.
Here’s a Season 1 preview, recorded for Car Gonzalez’s “The Thriller Crypto” podcast

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