Bitcoin Black Friday 2021: Hardware Wallets, VPS Hosting, Panties & NFTs

Though bitcoin itself is on sale during the Black Friday weekend due to a convenient dip, there are still ways for you to acquire Bitcoin-related goods and services at a lowet-than-usual cost. This year’s tempting special offers cover some of the most essential bitcoiner needs: hardware wallets, privacy and security accessories, VPS hosting, NFT art, and even panties.

First of all, you should know that ShiftCrypto introduced one of the best offers you will find for their BitBox02 hardware wallet. The price for the device has dropped to the same level it was before the large inflation that’s accompanied by a global shortage of chips and semi-conductors. Only today you can get a 12 euro (13.46 US dollar) discount on the secure and user-friendly BitBox02 unit: thus bringing the price down from 119 euro ($133.5 USD) to 107.1 euro ($120.16 USD).

There are individual discounts that also apply to tamper-evident bags, Steelwallet metal plates, micro SD cards, and backup cards. But if you want to get the absolutely best deal, there’s a Black Friday Bundle which helps you save 20% of the original price, which leaves 43 more euros (48.23 USD) in your pocket. It includes a BTC-only version of the BitBox02 hardware wallet, one pair of Steelwallet plates, three backup cards, and five tamper-evident bags. You can get all of these for 171 euro, or 191.74 US dollars. And theoretically, the referral codes should also work: so if you use my link or code BTCTKVR at checkout, you ought to get an extra 5% discount.

To find out more about the BitBox02 hardware wallet and the philosophy behind it, listen to this podcast interview with former Bitcoin Core maintainer Jonas Schnelli and ShiftCrypto CEO Dougles Bakkum.

Speaking of hardware wallets, KeyStone offers a 20% discount for everything you order between November 25th and November 26th 2021, 10 AM EST. This means that you have 24 hours to buy the most affordable KeyStone hardware wallets and metal plates (KeyStone Tablet, Tablet Plus, and Tablet Punch) you will find this year. To benefit from this special offer, you must use code BF2021 at checkout.

Currently, a KeyStone Pro hardware wallet costs $169. With the 20% discount you can get it for $135.2, thus saving $33.8. With your savings, you can get a KeyStone Tablet metal plate or its simplified sibling the Tablet punch. And if you apply the 20% discount code (remember, it’s BF2021 to your entire order, you’re going to have more money to buy bitcoin. KeyStone offers free shipping for all orders in the United States of America.

To better understand what makes the KeyStone hardware wallet worth buying and why you should consider it in comparison to its competitors, listen to my interview with CEO Lixin Liu.

We can’t possibly put an end to this hardware wallet-centric section without mentioning Trezor’s special offer. This year, the original hardware wallet company has decided to focus on accessories for their devices: so if you want CryptoSteel capsules and cassettes, CryptoZeus Zeus bulletproof titanium plates, silicon cases, lanyards, and even privacy glass protectors for the Trezor Model T, now is the best time to get them.

The discount on all enumerated hardware wallet accessories is of 20%. Which means that you save 15.4 euro ($17.27) when purchasing a new CryptoSteel Capsule Solo and the amount goes up to 25 euro ($28.03) for the Duo Pack. The CryptoSteel cassette (on which the Billfodl is based) can also bring you savings of 20 euro per piece. And if you need a rubber protection for your Trezor, then you also have a small yet noticeable discount on silicone cases (about 2 euro per piece, or $2.24).

If you’re buying any Trezor product and would like to help me support my work, then you can use my referral link for your purchase. This way, Trezor also sends me a small fraction of the amount.

Hardware wallets aren’t the only Bitcoin products and services that are offering Black Friday deals. If you’ve finally decided to become sovereign and stop relying on big tech to store your files and run your websites, you should look into a good hosting provider. Generally, one which enables payments with bitcoin and especially BTC over the Lightning network are worth taking a look.

One such example is, a privacy-centric VPS provider. There’s no need to sign up with your passport and enter your credit card details to become able to deploy a website and host data on servers. All it takes is a bitcoin payment and a wise choice for a plan.

AnyCOLO offers hosting services which start at $4/month and go up to $115/month. For a blog or podcast, the Goat plan (16 GB SSD, 1 GB RAM, 8.5 TB traffic) is a really great starting point. The standard price for the Goat is $16 per month. But if you use code BF-2021-BTC-TAKEOVER on Black Friday 2021, you’re going to get a 50% discount for your purchase.

That’s right, the 50% discount with the checkout code can be applied to all plans. So it doesn’t matter if you want the $4/month plan for $2/month or you’d rather get serious with the $115/month commitment and have the price slashed down to $57.2/month.

Since the phenomenal increase of the bitcoin price is hypothetically helping us all get girlfriends, the time has come to finally consider purchasing panties for our dear ones. And if we can’t get girlfriends, then it’s never too late to become the girlfriends ourselves.

This is where Panties For Bitcoin steps in, an intimate apparel company which helps boost every HODLer’s arousal. They currently offer two colors of their Genesis design, and the price point is pretty affordable: $20 for a pair and $50 for a three-pack. Now the super Black Friday sale is really simple: you pick any three-pack of panties and you get another piece for free. So not only that you save $10 by ordering the larger package, but you also receive $20 worth of panties.

All you have to do is add the desired pair next to your pack of choice and you’re going to get all four pairs of panties for $50. But wait, there’s more: when you pay with bitcoin, you also benefit from a 10% discount. In the end, you’re gonna end up paying $45 in bitcoin and get enough panties for that special lady in your life.

If you don’t have a girlfriend, the good news is that panties don’t expire and you can HODL a whole bag of them until you can finally dump for profits. And no, this is not an encouragement to turn panties into the next Tungsten cubes.

For more information, check the Panties for Bitcoin website.

Last but not least, Mythography Studios creator George Saoulidis has a Black Friday sale for his NFTs. If you’re not acquainted with his art, then you should know that he produces 3D modelled scenes and characters which mix Greek mythology with the aesthetics from the video game The Sims.

It’s also worth noting that George also creates 3D printed art that’s mostly Bitcoin-themed. So if you aren’t into JPGs (most of which are available for sale on Raretoshi), then you can still support his work by purchasing a physical Satoshi Nakamoto figurine (among other similar works).

Mythography studios definitely has lots of interesting pieces on display, so if you’re looking to get into Bitcoin NFTs this Black Friday then this might just be your best opportunity. Prices start as low as 3 euro, so most people should afford to acquire the bragging rights to owning a piece of digital art.

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