S12 E13: Max Keidun on Baltic Honeybadger 2022 & Debifi

Max Keidun is a man of many talents and with a Gargantuan involvement in the Bitcoin space. The conference that he has been co-organizing since 2017, plays a significant role in bridging bitcoiners who fly to Riga from all continents (usually the best opportunity for Europeans to hang out with their American, Asian, African, or Australian friends). The peer to peer exchange to which he contributes, HodlHodl, is one of the most popular hubs for buying and selling bitcoin worldwide – and thanks to recent additions, it can also be used for non-custodial loans, prediction markets, and other cool use cases.

But in 2022, Max Keidun revealed another ace up his sleeve: Debifi emerged as Bitcoin’s response to the DeFi movement. Much like the Lend service on HodlHodl, the newly-launched Debifi enables private, non-custodial and secure lending/borrowing using Bitcoin. But Debifi also comes with institutional-grade liquidity to challenge every other actor providing similar services on different networks. Basically Debifi is the embodiment of the “you don’t need another blockchain and token for that” ethos, brought into existence for the purpose of providing a more private and scalable alternative to DeFi.

Throughout this interview, which we recorded the day after the Baltic Honeybadger conference ended, Max Keidun and I talk about what’s new with his projects and also discuss details about this year’s event. You can regard this podcast episode as a summary of Baltic Honeybadger 2022 and a reflection on previous editions of the conference. And if you’re in for some hypothetical talking, you can also hear Max suggest which bitcoiners he wants to bring as speakers to the perfect and ideal edition of Baltic Honeybadger.

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