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S7 Special: Atlas on Life in Colombia

Back in April 2020, popular bitcoiner American Hodl (best known for his candid tweeting and the 6.15 BTC meme) started a fundraising campaign for a rather unusual cause: he wanted to turn Atlas from Colombia into a wholecoiner via community donations.

At the time, I wrote an article to describe the situation. Also, since a lot of people were convinced that Atlas would instantly cash out his BTC, I’ve written down the address to which he received all donations. To everyone’s surprise except for American HODL’s, not a single satoshi was moved. It has been almost one year and this young man from Colombia has never spent any of his BTC.

So I’ve decided to prove to the world that American HODL and Atlas aren’t the same person. Scheduling an interview with Atlas wasn’t hard, it was only a matter of synchronizing our time zones. But what I’ve discovered throughout our hour-long conversation is that the HODL conviction is strong even among people from developing countries who would definitely need the US dollars to improve their lives.

This interview is a true testament of the impact that Bitcoin has on people’s lives, the convictions that HODLers retain even in situations where nobody would blame them for cashing out, and the long-term vision that Bitcoin bulls have. Some people just don’t HODL until a specific USD conversion rate – they HODL until they will no longer have to convert to anything.

You can listen to Atlas’ first English interview on Apple Podcasts, Spotify & my RSS feed (no signup required).

A YouTube video will also get published in the following days, so make sure you subscribe to the Bitcoin Takeover channel.

Also, make sure that you follow Atlas on Twitter. He’s a true Bitcoin bull who favors low-time preference and long-term planning.

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