The BTCTKVR Magazine Is Now Open Sourced on GitHub

The time has come for the BTCTKVR magazine project to take its final step towards open sourceness. For months, it has been available for free on the Bitcoin Takeover website, under the form of a PDF that anyone can view, download, print, and even sell.

However, you couldn’t really modify the contents and everything was set in stone. But as of November 6th 2021, every page of the magazine and the covers are available on GitHub. This means that you can selectively pick what you like and build your own version of the BTCTKVR magazine. Don’t like one of my articles? You can remove it entirely. Don’t like the ads? You can also take them out.

This should help Bitcoin conferences and meetups have the kind of educational material that they can produce themselves according to preference.

The pages are available in JPG format, while the cover is a PDF. You can pick what you like and build a larger PDF from it, that you can later print. And if you want to convert between formats, there are plenty of free tools that you can download. Personally, I’ve used and had a great experience.

Now let’s talk about what the genuine BTCTKVR magazine experience looks like: if you want to produce the same quality that I’ve delivered for the past 4 months, you’re going to have to use thick paper. My recommendation is 300-grams glossy paper for the covers, and 150-grams matte paper for the pages. The format that you should use is A4.

Of course, you’re free to experiment with any kind of paper, colors, and size/format. It’s part of the ethos of free open source and DIY spirit: make the most of what you have and what you can afford.

Download the files from the GitHub repository and create your own BTCTKVR magazine which only includes what you like.

In the future, the plan is to also make available the pages without the text. This way, translators can build their own version of the magazine, tailored for their target audience. The language barrier is something that I always keep in mind, and we should all do our best to take the knowledge outside of the English-centric environment.

But in order to make the textless content available, I’m going to have to ask my graphic designer Mihnea to export every page individually after removing every text box. This might take a while, but it’s something that I keep in mind and want to accomplish. Ideally, the BTCTKVR magazine should also be translated in French, Spanish, German, Arabic, and possibly Portuguese and Chinese.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my podcast sponsors Vaultoro and Wasabi wallet for their unconditional support. Thanks to them, I was able to produce and give away for free magazine copies outside the initial supply of 150 copies (I’ll document the various editions and versions in a separate article). Also, I must equally thank Trezor, Bitrefill (who are responsible for the second edition of 80 copies), Start9 (who produced 5 copies for their Denver Lightning meetup), LNBits, and Mallorca Blockchain Days.

Right now, I am working on a follow-up magazine and I hope that I’ll have the content and graphics ready in time for a Christmas 2021 release. Just like the original, it will get open sourced and there will be copies that I will send for free to bitcoiners worldwide. Stay tuned!

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