Bitcoin Takeover Is Now Listed On Under 3 Categories

Jameson Lopp’s “Bitcoin Education and Resources” list is often regarded as one of the best places to discover high-quality and curated Bitcoin content. It’s the webpage where rookies get sent when they inquire about educational resources which better help them understand the complexity of the space. And it’s truly an honor to have Bitcoin Takeover listed in three different sections of the website!

On April 28th 2021, Jameson Lopp has merged my pull requests to add Bitcoin Takeover under the Podcasts & YouTube Channels and Non-technical Blogs sections. It’s an honor to get featured among some of the most brilliant minds (and voices) in the space, and I’m especially happy that the approval came within hours of my initial submission.

But as Uncle Ben famously said, with great power comes great responsibility. So now that I know that more people will be watching, reading, and listening, I’ll do my best to maintain and improve the quality standard.

Sure, you can call this a humble brag moment. But when you spend a lot of time working on something and some of your former friends start seeing you as their competition and therefore do their best to ignore you, having someone to acknowledge that the work is worthy means a lot.

So thanks a lot, Mr. Lopp! And as you can see above, I’ve also linked the list to further boost the SEO score of the resources list. The page should update shortly after this GitHub merging, so I look forward to the dozens of new daily clicks.

Of course, nothing will ever beat the fact that Bitcoin Takeover was the first podcast to get featured on (also known as But it’s always good to diversify.

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