Bitcoin Takeover Radio #6: Double the Fun!

You know what’s better than a radio stream which includes episodes from some of the most prolific and interesting Bitcoin podcasters? That’s right, a radio stream which adds two podcast episodes from each creator!

Since the launch of this episode got delayed, I decided to make up for it by upgrading the next radio stream. The playlist offers more than 24 hours of unique content and is programmed to keep on looping. Therefore, any time you tune in you’re gonna discover something new and find out new information about Bitcoin from a different perspective.

As always, you can listen to the playlist on Twitch (most recommended), YouTube, and my Twitter feed.

Without further ado, here is the full playlist:

  1. Bitcoin Takeover S9 E4 with Paul Sztorc
  2. Bitcoin Takeover S9 E5 with Matt Hill
  3. Join the Wasabikas Ep. 21: Alex Gladstein on Fighting Communist Police States
  4. Join the Wasabikas Ep. 22: Jeremy Rubin on Writing Bitcoin Code & Decentralization (Sapio smart contracts)
  5. 🇪🇸 Satoshi en Venezuela: P2P Exchanges and LocalCryptos Review
  6. 🇪🇸 Satoshi en Venezuela: Is Paraguay the First Domino Piece of a Bigger Game or Just Hype?
  7. Talking in Bits, Ep. 26 (China Miner Migration + BlockFi issues)
  8. Talking in Bits, Ep. 27 (This week’s latest news)
  9. Thriller Premium, S4 E29, Ultra Shit Money
  10. Thriller Bitcoin, S5 E1 (ETFs and other regulations)
  11. Shoes in Bitcoin, Ep. 20 with Alekos Filini
  12. Shoes in Bitcoin, Ep. 21 with Olga Ukolova
  13. Music Intermission (Guywithafork mix)
  14. Fun with Bitcoin, Ep. 136 with BAM
  15. Fun with Bitcoin, Ep. 134 with Lixin Liu (KeyStone)
  16. Bitcoin and…, Ep. 457, Another Hack (Thorchain)
  17. Bitcoin and…, Ep. 458, BlockedFi
  18. Guy Swann, Bitcoin Audible Read 543, There Never Was a Real Tulip Fever
  19. Guy Swann, Bitcoin Audible Read 544, Another Way To Think About Bitcoin’s Value
  20. Phil Gibson, A Boy Named Pseu, with Stephen Cole
  21. Phil Gibson, A Boy Named Pseu, with Chris Reed
  22. Bitrefill, To The Moon Podcast, Ep. 16 with Jameson Lopp
  23. Bitrefill, To The Moon Podcast, Ep. 17 with Giacomo Zucco
  24. Music Intermission
  25. Loop back to 1

*The episodes marked with 🇪🇸 are in Spanish and provide the opportunity to learn a new language or practice. It’s also a way of branching out from the usual English-centric approach to understanding Bitcoin. 

At the end of every episode, if you’re the first to open the page mentioned in the Vaultoro ad, you can claim 10 bits (1000 sats) from Vaultoro! Just like the previous times, you also get the chance to earn some bitcoins and learn about Lightning Network while broadening your views with the podcast content.

Bitcoin Takeover is sponsored by Vaultoro and Wasabi Wallet

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Whenever you think that the BTC price reaches the absolute top, you can diversify into gold. This means that you invest in another form of hard money which governments and central banks can’t devalue via inflation. Thanks to its longer history and bigger market capital, gold is also less volatile – so you still hedge against inflation, preserve your purchasing power, and are able to buy the bitcoin dip (or bottom, if you can time it).

If you ever want to pick up your gold or have it delivered to you so you can handle custody yourself, that’s an option that Vaultoro enables. To find out more, click this link – it’s a referral link and I’m not making any money from your signup, but the performance of the address gets measured to see the efficiency/benefits of the sponsorship deal. 

Note that this is not financial advice and you should do your own research before doing any kind of trade. Embrace financial sovereignty with responsibility.

Wasabi wallet has been among my favorite desktop wallets since early 2019. I was amazed when I discovered how seamlessly it could integrate elements from Electrum and Bitcoin Core, and it’s been a thrill to see the product grow and become more refined. Like Trezor Suite, Wasabi routes your connection via Tor to boost your privacy. Also, the wallet automatically connects to your local full node or else downloads block filters to specifically avoid the trust involved in SPV setups.

You can also use your hardware wallets with Wasabi. But the truly unique feature is the ability to make your bitcoins more fungible via Chaumian CoinJoins. It’s a neat little trick which makes all coins involved in the mixing rounds equally tainted, therefore reducing the relevance and accuracy of blockchain analysis and boosting the plausible deniability of resulting transactions. If you don’t want the electronics vendor to see how much you got paid in bitcoin, then CoinJoins are your best friend.

Wasabi also offers easy UTXO management (also referred to as “Coin Control”), prevents you from reusing addresses, and enables a privacy-friendly Lurking Wife Mode which hides all of your BTC amounts and key transaction data. Download Wasabi wallet for free by clicking this link: it’s available on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

Read the Wasabi wallet terms of service to be sure that you understand the limits of the software and to which extent the company is liable for the ways in which you use the product.

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