BTCTKVR Radio #9: When September Ends

Another month has almost passed and lots of new Bitcoin podcasts have been recorded and broadcast in the meantime. If you haven’t had the time to check them out but do have a few minutes every day to explore some new content, then episode 9 of the Bitcoin Takeover Radio is here to help you catch up.

You can tell by the diversity of the topics being presented that Bitcoin has become such a complex topic that it’s hard to keep focus on the whole spectrum of ideas. For instance, my interview with Max Hillebrand goes back to the Austrian school of economics to apply praxeology to the understanding of the events that take place in El Salvador.

In the second episode featured in this livestream, Karo Zagorus (also known as BTC Dragon Lord) interviews Riccardo Spagni (former maintainer of the Monero project and early bitcoiner who still supports the network in various capacities). The conversation will help you learn more about privacy.

The third episode on BTCTKVR Radio #9 is the most recent Talking in Bits show. Jose and Ben talk about a very important topic which deals with the psychology and weaknesses of fiat money: in a nutshell, it incentivizes bullshit. Lots of otherwise low-quality goods and services get created due to the large and inflatable money supply, so it’s important to understand that under a Bitcoin standard we would have better incentives for sustainable high-quality stuff.

Then on the Join the Wasabikas podcast, Max Hillebrand interviews podcaster Aviv Milner. The conversation revolves around the cypherpunk ethos and the otherwise undesirable trust in third parties (who, as Nick Szabo taught us, are security holes). This is an interesting dialogue that you should definitely check out in order to better understand the ideas that precede Bitcoin and are further projected by Satoshi Nakamoto’s computer network.

At the end of this highly educational streak, you get to relax by listening to a playlist of curated Bitcoin-related songs. You can also check out the songs and download them here.

After the musical intermission, you can hear Coinicarus’ interview with Mandrik – one of the coolest early bitcoiners, who first got involved in the project after selling baklava. Ever since, he has worked for a couple of Bitcoin exchanges and instead of pursuing an executive position he decided to stick to his principles and stay independent. Listen to this “Fun with Bitcoin” episode to find out more.

Next up, Car Golzalez expresses his bullishness for El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption on Thriller Bitcoin. While I don’t necessarily agree with his optimism, I agree that it’s a major turning point in our history and an event that will shape the future of bitcoin as an official currency around the world.

On David Bennet’s “Bitcoin and. . . ” show, we learn more about what’s going on in China. The collapse of real-estate giant Evergrande and all the news about China banning Bitcoin (for the 8475th time) have definitely made us wonder what their government might be up to. And this is where you can learn a little more about thie peculiar situation with some help from David Bennet.

The next episode featured in this stream is Bitcoin Audible #551, in which Guy Swann reads the late Dan Kaminsky’s classic 2013 article “I Tried Hacking Bitcoin and I Failed”. It’s all about Kaminsky’s 2011 efforts to break Satoshi’s code. At the time, he wrote “my fifteen point list of obvious likely bugs was systematically destroyed by a codebase that quite frankly knew better”. To find out more about this failed hacking attempt, stay tuned.

Next up, Phil Gibson interviews Kal Kassa about Bitcoin in Ethiopia. It’s a major and interesting topic specifically because the dialogue steps outside of the safe boundaries of American and European topics. We find out about Bitcoin in a country that needs it and we get to understand the reasons for which we are working.

After this educational moment, we once again get to relax with a musical intermission. The songs are the same, but the musicality makes up for the repetition.

Then we get back to business with Bitrefill’s “To the Moon” podcast. This episode is special because the interviewee is Adam Gibson, the creator of JoinMarket (a decentralized open-source platform for CoinJoins, that anyone can use to coordinate mixes which increase fungibility). It’s a useful conversation that will teach you more about Bitcoin privacy.

And last but not least, we get Shoes in Bitcoin episode 21, in which Valeryia interviews Olga Ukolova about Bitcoin’s layer 3. Basically, all of that tokenization and NFT trading is about to move to RGB Spectrum which is built on top of the Lightning Network. This means that slow and inefficient blockchains get replaced by client-side validation and everything is going to benefit from a more elegant design. To get a better view on what the future of Bitcoin looks like, you definitely want to listen to Olga Ukolova.

Here is the playlist for BTCTKVR Episode #9:

1. Bitcoin Takeover S9 E9 with Max Hillebrand (Praxeology & Human Action), (link)

2. Bitcoin Rehab with Riccardo Spagni (Fluffy Pony) (link)

3. Talking in Bits, Ep. 36 (Fiat Incentivizes Bullshit) (link)

4. Join the Wasabikas, Ep. 24 (Aviv Milner) (link)

5. Music intermission (mixed by Guywithafork)

6. Fun with Bitcoin, with Mandrik (link)

7. Thriller Bitcoin, El Salvador’s Bitcoin Revolution (link)

8. Bitcoin And. . ., Ep. 483 on China (link)

9. Bitcoin Audible, Read 551 (Dan Kaminsky’s “I Tried Hacking Bitcoin and I Failed”) (link)

10. A Boy Named Pseu, Bitcoin in Ethiopia with Kal Kassa (link

11. Musical Intermission

12. Bitrefill’s To the Moon Podcast, featuring Adam Gibson of JoinMarket (link)

13. Shoes in Bitcoin, Episode 21, featuring Olga Ukolova (link)

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