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Bitcoin Takeover


Listen to the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast on Sphinx, Breez & More

For longer than two years, the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast has been available on all the traditional platforms: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, and every other aggregator which took the RSS feed and made use of it on a proprietary player.

But now the transition to podcasting 2.0 is complete: after successfully setting up my Lightning node and receiving some advice from Blockstream product manager Matthew Haywood (whom you can hear in S5 E9), I’ve finally managed to get Bitcoin Takeover listed on Podcastindex.

All it took was registering with the node, submitting the show’s RSS feed, and confirming an e-mail address – no KYC, no passport scanning, no face ID, no fingerprint authentication. This is part of the new internet, where submitting personal data is mutually undesirable and gets avoided as often as possible.

So why is Podcastindex such a big deal? In the Bitcoin space, it’s the gateway to getting added to the Sphinx chat application, as well as the Breez Lightning wallet. The people who are interested in listening to podcasts can do it from the interface of an app which facilitates the access and also makes it easy to send payments. Essentially, the monetization scheme which involves the Lightning node involves making podcast listeners pay for the time they spend listening: for each minute, they drop a few bitcoin fractions.

But there’s more to the picture than meets the eye: every podcast added on Podcastindex also gets listed on a plethora of mobile apps. From the podStation Chrome browser extension to the Podcast Guru Android app, there are over 31 new places where Bitcoin Takeover can get discovered.

Sphinx and Breez are also rising in popularity among bitcoiners, so they should not be neglected. As a matter of fact, if you would like to join the Bitcoin Takeover tribe on Sphinx, you can follow this link or else scan the QR code below. Thank you for continued support and I hope that you will keep on enjoying the content that I create during this new era of podcasting.

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