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BTCTKVR Radio #8: September to Remember

After another productive week in which fresh new podcast episodes have been released, the time has come to update the Bitcoin Takeover Radio playlist. This time around we have even more exciting guests and more bullish content that will help you learn more about how Bitcoin works and why there’s a lot more to the price action than exuberant speculation.

It should be noted from the get-go that the amount of interviews featuring Blockstream employees is a mere coincidence and there is no agenda behind having 3 of the 12 podcast episodes feature employees from the sidechain company.

Furthermore, this time around there is no episode in Spanish. Not because the streams which included them weren’t successful, but because Javier Bastardo decided to have Adam Back on his show and conduct the interview in English. Next time we might just continue with the multilingual approach.

Once again, this stream is sponsored by Vaultoro – the gold and bitcoin exchange which helps you protect yourself from inflation and volatility so you don’t touch infinitely inflationary fiat money. Not only that they publish monthly proof of reserves to demonstrate that they can’t get Gox’d, but they also support the Lightning Network to the extent that a faucet will be running all throughout the radio stream. Pay attention to the audio cue, go to, scan the QR code on the screen and you may just win 10 bits/1000 sats (you’re going to need a mobile wallet such as Blue Wallet on iOS or Breez on Android).

You can listen to the stream on YouTube, Twitch (recommended) and Twitter.

Without further ado, here is what you can listen to in playlist no.8:

  1. Bitcoin Takeover S9 E8 with Nayuta (Kenichi Kurimoto & Hitomi Moriyama) (link)
  2. Bitcoin Rehab, at PlebSec 2020 with Hodlonaut, Katoshi, BTChap, Coinicarus, and NICO (link)
  3. Talking in Bits, Ep. 33: Refresher on the Bitcoin Basics (link)
  4. Join the Wasabikas, Ep. 26: Sovereign Jets with Roger Proctor (link)
  5. Musical Intermission (Guywithafork mix, link)
  6. Fun with Bitcoin, interview with Mutatrum (link)
  7. Thriller Lightning, S1 E02 with Lisa Neigut of Blockstream (link)
  8. Bitcoin And . . . , Ep. 471 Smash Buy BTC (link)
  9. Bitcoin Audible, Read 555 “The Bitcoin Energy Debate & The Gold Resource Cost Debate” (link)
  10. A Boy Named Pseu, interview with Gary Leland (link)
  11. Musical Intermission
  12. Bitrefill’s To the Moon Podcast, Interview with David Quittem (link)
  13. Shoes in Bitcoin, Ep. 18 with Samson Mow (link)
  14. Satoshi en Venezuela, with Adam Back (link)

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