S7 E10: Hodlonaut & Katia on Cats, Music & Films

Hodlonaut and Katia rank among the most powerful Bitcoin couples. One is best known for creating cultural phenomenas (such as #LNTrustChain and unfiltered opposition against Craig Wright’s attacks against Bitcoin) while the other one is an excellent strategist and manager who is responsible for making the Trezor brand cool in a time when modified clones were enjoying much more appeal.

Together they have created Citadel 21, a cultural Bitcoin-themed zine which encompasses the thoughts, hopes, and expectations of community members. If anything, it’s an X-ray of the Bitcoin pleb psyche which gets projected onto greater social, political, and economic phenomena. And the publication’s charm is that you get articles written mostly by honest contributors who don’t publish articles for a living – so you’re more likely to stumble upon content that is candid, raw, and straight to the point.

But during our interview, we didn’t discuss about any of these matters. To honor the ambitious goal of Bitcoin Takeover Podcast Season 7, we did our best to now talk about Bitcoin. Had the result not been hilarious and genuinely enchanting, it could easily get dismissed for featuring too much thought rambling and nostalgia for the 1980s.

However, you will not find this kind of discussion involving Hodlonaut and Katia in any other corner of the internet. They speak candidly about cats and their reproductive habits which may or may not involve catching herpes, they unapologetically eat cabbage dishes, and they spend quite a lot of time comparing the cinema culture of the 1980s with the contemporary unoriginal and agenda-driven remakes of remakes.

Throughout our 2-hour discussion, we also managed to squeeze some opinions about music and how our tastes have evolved over the years. And if you’re patient enough, you will hear a sample of Katia’s opera singing voice. She definitely knows how to make the walls reverberate.

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