Preview: Bitcoin Takeover Podcast Season 15

Season 15 of the Bitcoin Takeover podcast marks two significant milestones: the 5th anniversary of the show, as well as the 200th episode (which is expected to be reached with S15 E18). It also kickstarts the Supra Cycle, a new bullish phase that’s going to turn every patient HODLer into a Japanese sports car driver who revvs the engine alongside a stunning female companion who assists from the passenger seat. By the end of it, every wise pleb should be able to get a Supra and a girlfriend!

Furthermore, season 15 of the Bitcoin Takeover podcast features episodes that were recorded in Argentina (during Labitconf 2023) and Switzerland (after a series of meetups in Neuchatel and Zurich). Sure, a large majority still consists of remote calls, but there’s a significant boost in interviews that were recorded in person. You will also notice an increase in production cost and value.

The plan for season 15 is to feature 21 unique episodes which cover some of the most ground-breaking, avant-garde, and overall exciting innovations in Bitcoin. From increased access to goods and services that you can purchase with BTC, all the way to sidechains, decentralized finance (DeFi) on layer 2s, sovereign rollups, Turing-complete virtual machines (BitVM), and advancements in privacy and self-custody.

As for the sponsors, you will find familiar names that have heroically supported the show through the bear market (Wasabi Wallet, Cryptosteel), as well as newcomers that are very keen on the Bitcoin Takeover (Satodime and IVPN). They were all selected according to two important criteria:

  1. Do I like the product/service enough to recommend it even in the absence of a sponsorship deal?
  2. Are they actual fans of the show who listen to the episodes and care about the quality of the content?

For Wasabi wallet, you already know the drill: download the wallet for free, then make your bitcoins more private in large rounds of mega CoinJoins with 150+ other participants. For amounts lower than 0.01 BTC and remixes, you pay no coordination fee.

In the case of Cryptosteel, you gotta secure that precious password, BIP39 seedphrase, Nostr private key, or Bitcoin Core passphrase in a way that’s resistant to fire, floods, physical shocks, and earthquakes. Fine European stainless steel is much more durable than paper… and you can’t go wrong with the OGs who invented metal backups for Bitcoin back in 2013. Use promo code BTCTKVR to get a 10% discount on your Cryptosteel purchase!

Satodime is also extremely useful for gifting bitcoins or making transactions in person, without leaving a permanent record on the public blockchain. This open source smart card device can effectively turn your bitcoin into a bearer asset that you can take with you anywhere. Tap the card to your mobile phone, take advantage of the EAL6+ secure element and make sure that the key slot remains green – once it turns red, it means that someone else removed the seal to claim the coins. Buy your Satodime with a special 5% discount by using promo code BTCTKVR at checkout!

IVPN is one of the best VPN services out here: it has been around for 2 decades, it’s ran by bitcoiners who accept BTC payments on-chain or via Lightning using BTCPay Server, and it doesn’t require any personal data for registration (no e-mail, no phone number, no credit card). To sign up, you only need to generate a random account code for which you must make an on-chain or Lightning payment. Once you top up your subscription, you can surf the web with great privacy. IVPN is also keen on transparency – with open source code that’s regularly audited. If you don’t mind revealing one of your burner e-mail addresses and want to give it a try, write a message to and you’ll get a 30-day trial code. Once the trial is over and you want to pay, make sure you generate a new IVPN account!

The guests from season 15 of the Bitcoin Takeover Podcast: Developers, Innovators & Pioneers!

In total, season 15 of the Bitcoin Takeover podcast will have 21 episodes:

  • 10 episodes that get published in December 2023, just before Christmas. The idea is to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the show with a throwback which pays tribute to the first season launching scheme: when all the episodes got released on the same day. thus enabling binge watching. This is also a nice Christmas gift for the regular listeners, who have been around and supported Bitcoin Takeover through the years.
  • 11 episodes that get published on a weekly schedule, starting from the first week of January. The idea isn’t only to emulate the season 1 model, but to improve it in every possible way. So bing watchers/listeners get to enjoy a Christmas gift, then return to the regular schedule for the next 11 weeks.

Now let’s talk about the guests from season 15 of the Bitcoin Takeover podcast!

S15 E1: Max Hillebrand & Lawrence “Lando” Rothbardian on Privacy, Free Markets & The Parallel Economy (link)

S15 E2: Sergi Delgado on Becoming a Bitcoin Core Developer at Chaincode Labs (link)

S15 E3: Hernan Marino on Bitcoin in Argentina (link)

S15 E4: Alexis Roussel on Nym & Privacy (link)

S15 E5: Edan Yago on Rootstock, Sovryn & Bitcoin DeFi (link)

S15 E6: Super Testnet, John Light & Alexei Zamyatin on BitVM, Rollups & New Cryptography Research (link)

S15 E7: Sergio Demian Lerner on Rootstock, Satoshi’s Coins & The Future of Sidechains (link)

S15 E8: Ryan Condron on Bitcoin Mining, Hashrate Markets & Lumerin (link)

S15 E9: Kevin Loaec on Liana Wallet, Bitcoin Fees & Hardware Wallets (link)

S15 E10: Tuur Demeester on How to Analyze the Bitcoin Market (link)

S15 E11: Satoshi Sound on Bitcoin & Friends Cartoon Reboot (link)

S15 E12: Agustin Kassis on La Crypta, Lawallet & Bitcoin in Argentina (link)

S15 E13: Robin Linus on BitVM & Permissionless Bitcoin Development (link)

S15 E14: Nicolas Dorier on BTCPay Server (link)

S15 E15: Aaron van Wirdum on Bitcoin’s Genesis Book (link)

S15 E16: Paul Sztorc Talks Bitcoin Scaling, But Can’t Say “Drivechains” (link)

S15 E17: Andrew Poelstra on Covenants (OP_CAT vs OP_CTV) (link)

S15 E18: Orkun Kilic on Citrea, the First ZK Rollups on Bitcoin (link)

S15 E19: Alexei Zamyatin on Build on Bitcoin and Layer 2s (link)

S15 E20: Bastien & Baudoin on Satochip, Satodime, Seedkeeper & Self-Custody (link)

S15 E21: Fiatjaf on Nostr, Drivechains & Why Lightning Sucks (link)

S12 E22: Erik Voskuil on Libbitcoin & Bitcoin Culture (link)

S15 E23: TBA

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