S11 E3: Adrian, Patrick & Bastian on Lipa

Lipa is a Swiss-made service which aims to make Bitcoin payments simple. At first glance, it’s a wallet with Point of Sale features – something which mixes the simplicity of Breez wallet with the power of BTCPay Server, but written from scratch with a light design. Ultimately, the goal is to provide an intuitive way for businesses to accept bitcoin via Lightning network.

As of June 2022, the Lipa wallet is still in “stealth mode” and can’t be used or reviewed by people outside the organization. But as soon as it’s ready for release, the code will also get open sourced so everyone can verify how Lipa works under the hood.

According to project co-founders Adrian, Patrick and Bastian, the Lipa wallet and point of sale features aim to support restaurants, bars, and businesses that normally handle cash payments. But Lipa is non-custodial by design at all levels: the development team has no access to their users’ funds, while the restaurant owners will not be able to freeze the bitcoins from an employee’s wallet. It’s sovereign all the way down to the smallest user.

Furthermore, the business model revolves around the open source design: there will be no intermediary fees for the wallet and there can’t be any top-down denial of service. The owners of businesses which accept bitcoin payments will set up accounts for their employees and determine their roles. If somebody gets fired, they can be prevented from receiving payments in the company account – but the tips that they received for their work will be theirs until they voluntarily decide to spend them.

There’s definitely a lot of potential in a service like Lipa, which keeps it simple and targets small businesses willing to dip their toes into bitcoin. And if the project succeeds, the plans are even more ambitious: famous pop singer Dua Lipa is on the list to promote the launch of an upcoming version 2.0.

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