THNDR Games Appoints Desiree Dickerson As CEO

On November 11th 2021, video game studio THNDR Games has announced the appointment of Desiree Dickerson as company CEO. This is a bold move for the popular video game development team, as it’s clearly strengthening its ability to network and do business with other Lightning Network businesses.

Dickerson, best known for her work at Lightning Labs (where she acted as Vice President of Business Operations), sees a lot of potential in video games as a medium which increases bitcoin adoption. Her self-confessed interest in snail farming and pidgeon racing projects the kind of zaniness to which video gamers get attracted. And as a way to double down on gaming culture and fun, Dickerson is set address fans of Bitcoin Bounce and Turbo 84 on Friday, November 11th 2021, 9PM CET, on the company’s Twitch account.

THNDR Games is best known for hits such as Bitcoin Bounce (read my review here) and Turbo 84. They are available on all mobile platforms and feature a very unique approach to attracting players’ engagement: every game session offers tickets that players can collect, and at the end of every week there is a draw which determines how much bitcoin everyone has won. There are small rewards for everyone, so there is always an incentive to return, play more, earn a higher score, and collect more tickets.

In Bitcoin Bounce, you play as a ball which must bounce across platforms while avoiding dangers such as pitfalls and spikes. You encounter special bonuses (shields and speed boosters), as well as teleporting portals and springs that take you farther. The goal is to make it as far as you can, in a side scrolling action which becomes addictive very fast.

Bitcoin Bounce allows you to stack satoshis by playing a video game that is powered by the Lightning Network
Bitcoin Bounce by Thndr Games is a nice way of getting paid for playing a video game.

In Turbo 84, you drive a retro vehicle on 3 lanes. The goal is to go as fast as you can while avoiding obstacles. Speed boosters will make your experience more thrilling, while all sorts of roadblocks jeopardize your attempt to reach 100 mph (the game’s challenge) and beyond. It has a synthwave vibe, with shades of pink and violet, as well as stylized menus that make you think of the vintage arcade era.

In both games, high scores and collecting many tickets will help you earn bitcoin amounts. The skill-luck balance provides a mix of certainty and uncertainty that always makes you come back for more. Watch out, these video games are highly addictive!

How will Desiree Dickerson’s leadership impact THNDR Games? Are we going to see major improvements in the existing games? Will the studio release new titles? Will major Lightning companies get involved in organizing tournaments with attractive prizes, in order to increase bitcoin adoption among the video gaming community? It all remains to be seen. What we know for certain is that the games are about to get a popularity boost, thanks to Dickerson’s popularity in the industry.

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